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Social Media Marketing Strategy from $2500/month A comprehensive social media marketing starts with this service. You can order the strategy separately. The strategy includes: Business, audience, and competitor research Financial marketing model Step-by-step marketing plan and positioning Read more Market Landscape Research in Social Media from $1000/month Are you looking to start, acquire, or scale your business? Begin your social media marketing, enter a new market, or launch a new product? Start with this service! Read more Consultation from $1000/month Over the years, our key specialists have accumulated a wealth of expertise through various projects. You now have the opportunity to purchase a few hours of an expert's time to address your marketing, advertising, or branding challenges. Read more Instagram Management from $1550/month Do you only need assistance with one social media platform? You will receive account management, content creation, targeted advertising, and algorithmic optimization by ordering this service. Read more YouTube Exclusive Package from $2000/month We will help you reach the recommended videos section on YouTube. Our services include selecting engaging topics, crafting compelling scripts, formatting and uploading videos correctly, and leveraging YouTube algorithms. Read more Additional Country/Language + $1000 Do you need to consider local specifics or add a new language? We have specialists all over the world to assist you. Simply order this service! Read more Advertising Account Audit from $1550/month Do you believe that your advertising can perform better? Suspect that an employee or contractor is providing false information? Order our independent audit. Read more SMM Promotion Audit from $1550/month Are you experiencing low engagement and modest growth in social media? Do you feel like your efforts in content creation and promotion are going unnoticed? This service is tailored for you. Read more Strategy Session from $1550/month A group discussion of your task involving experts from our company and key members of your team. Together, we will define the strategy for solving the given task. Read more Targeted Advertising Only (PRO) from $850/month If you are looking for a strong contractor for targeted advertising, this service is for you. However, comprehensive packages always offer greater effectiveness due to the cumulative effect of a strategic approach. Read more Landing Pages and Websites from $2000/month Do you think our website is awesome? We specialize in creating conversion-driven landing pages tailored to each project, meticulously crafted by our team of marketing experts. Some of our projects have achieved conversion rates as high as 50%! Read more CRM Configuration from $500/month Do you need to optimize your CRM for enhanced analytics and better results? Whether you require seamless data migration between CRM platforms or a fresh setup from scratch, our tailored service is designed specifically for you. Read more Cross-Channel Analytics from $500/month We configure analytics to track the performanceof your advertising campaigns from specific ads targeted at specific audiences all the way to revenue. With our expertise, you'll have transparent access to all marketing metrics. Read more Expert Supervision from $800/month If you have decided to implement your own strategy or work with contractors, this service will be beneficial for you. We conduct weekly audits, provide independent reports, and offer expert recommendations. Read more Photo and Video Content from $800/month We have mobile teams and production studios in many countries. We also provide scriptwriting and video editing services. The price depends on the specific location and requirements. Read more Additional Social Media Platform $1000 Expand your reach with an extra social media platform. Even if it's not listed on our website, we're flexible and willing to accommodate your needs. Submit your request today. Read more Professional video editing and retouching (upon request) $1000 If you need editing for YouTube videos or high-quality editing for short videos comparable to professional music videos, or retouching services like those used for Fortune 500 magazine covers, discuss this service with us as we provide it. Read more Extend NDA for 1 year $1000 Does your business need an additional yearof confidentiality after completing the project? Simply purchase an NDA for a duration that ensures the data becomes obsolete. Read more Content Creation and Page Management from $850/month This service is suitable if you simply need a visually appealing showcase (beautiful pages, engaging content, social media presence, etc.) or if you have already addressed tasks related to targeted advertising, algorithmic optimization, and influencer marketing. If you are looking for sales-focused solutions, this service may not be suitable for you, and we recommend considering our comprehensive packages. Read more

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