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C12 A detailed overview of a successful strategy for using IG Shopping to sell goods: The case of the company “Brilliance Jewelry”

Brilliance Jewelry decided to take advantage of Instagram Shopping to sell its jewelry. In this case study, we’ll look at how this jewelry company used IG Shopping to increase sales and expand its audience.


Brilliance Jewelry approached us to develop a strategy for using Instagram Shopping to promote and sell their jewelry.


  1. Create a virtual product catalog: “We helped the company create a virtual product catalog on Instagram, including all available jewelry with detailed descriptions and prices.”
  2. Instagram Shopping Integration: “We’ve set up the Instagram Shopping feature so that users can easily view and purchase company jewelry directly through story posts.
  3. Create Engaging Content: “We have developed attractive and stylish content that includes colorful images of jewelry in a variety of settings and use cases.”
  4. Planning and Publishing: “We developed a content publishing plan, including regular updates and special promotions, and optimized publishing times for maximum efficiency.”
  5. Interaction with the audience: “We actively engaged with the audience, answering questions, offering advice and creating a community of passionate customers.”


Through our Instagram Shopping strategy, Brilliance Jewelry has been able to significantly increase sales of its jewelry and attract new customers from various parts of the world.


This case study confirms the effectiveness of using Instagram Shopping to promote and sell products, especially in the jewelry industry. Properly planned content, a user-friendly interface and active interaction with the audience allowed Brilliance Jewelry to achieve significant success in sales through social media.

C8 How we interacted with micro-influencers on Instagram on behalf of the brand: a success story.

In the world of social media, micro-influencers are becoming an increasingly important tool for promoting brands and attracting audience attention. In this article, we will share our success story in interacting with micro-influencers on Instagram and talk about the

key points of this process.

1. Selection of micro-influencers: We carefully selected micro-influencers who had active and committed audiences that matched our target audience. This allowed us to make the most of our budget and get the most out of our collaboration. Quote from our spokesperson: “We took special care in selecting micro-influencers to ensure they truly reflect our brand and have the potential to reach an engaging audience.” 2. Creating quality content: Together with micro-influencers, we developed high-quality and original content that was interesting and relevant to our audience. This included stylized photography, video reviews and product stories. Quote from micro-influencer: “Collaborating with the brand was a real pleasure for me. I was glad to introduce their products to my subscribers and receive positive feedback.” 3. Analysis of results: We closely tracked the results of our collaborations with micro-influencers, analyzing metrics such as engagement rates, follower growth, and conversions. This allowed us to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and make adjustments to further actions.

Table with results:

Engagement level7%
Subscriber growth+150

Feedback from the client:

Working with the brand was a great experience. We received quality content from micro-influencers, which helped attract new customers and strengthen our position in the market.


C2 Analysis of the campaign to launch advertising on Snapchat: working on mistakes.


The company “SMM Strategy” took on the task of analyzing the campaign for launching advertising on Snapchat, made by previous contractors, and identifying errors that could affect its effectiveness. In this article, we’ll look at key aspects of the campaign, as well as the steps taken to correct errors and improve results. Context: “Bright Ads was asked to undertake a review of a previous contractor’s Snapchat advertising campaign to identify shortcomings and optimize the strategy to achieve better performance.”

Key points of the analysis:

1. Target audience: ◦ An analysis of the target audience was carried out, errors in its definition and segmentation were identified, which led to insufficient relevance of advertising. 2.

Creatives and content: ◦ An assessment of the quality of creatives and content used in the campaign revealed a discrepancy with the formats and audience expectations, as well as a lack of a creative approach. 3. Budget and resource allocation: ◦ Analysis of budget distribution showed irrational use of resources, lack of optimization and cost control. 4. Metrics and reporting: ◦ The analysis of key metrics showed unsatisfactory results, as well as insufficient transparency and timeliness of reporting.

Steps to fix errors:

1. Revisit your targeting strategy: ◦ Additional research was conducted to more accurately identify the target audience and create personalized messages. 2. Updating creatives and content: ◦ New creatives and content were developed that corresponded to the formats and interests of the audience, taking into account previous mistakes. 3. Budget optimization and resource allocation: ◦ The budget was audited and resources were allocated taking into account the most effective channels and methods of promotion. 4. Improved metrics and reporting: ◦ New tools have been introduced to monitor metrics and timely reporting, and more stringent criteria for assessing results have been established.


“Thanks to the analysis and corrective actions taken, our company was able to significantly improve the effectiveness of the Snapchat advertising campaign and achieve better results for our client.”

С1 How brand X increased its audience by 30% in a month

Every brand strives to expand its audience on social media to attract more potential customers and strengthen its presence in the online world. Brand X, which specializes in selling unique clothing for an active lifestyle, was faced with the challenge of growing its audience. In this case study, we look at how Brand X was able to increase its audience by 30% in one month through an effective social media strategy.

When faced with a challenge:

Before the campaign began, Brand X was faced with the problem of a limited audience on social networks, which hindered its further growth and development. The main task was to attract new subscribers interested in the brand’s products and increase the involvement of the existing audience.

Analysis of the current state:

Before developing a strategy, Brand X conducted an analysis of its current status on social media. They identified a lack of activity on their accounts, low audience engagement, and limited opportunities to attract new followers.

Strategy Development:

Brand X has developed a comprehensive promotion strategy, including:

  1. Create quality and engaging content that reflects their brand identity and values.
  2. Increasing activity on social networks through regular publications and interaction with the audience.
  3. Using targeted advertising to attract new subscribers and expand your audience reach.
  4. Conducting competitions and promotions to stimulate engagement and increase the number of subscribers.

Using the right tools:

Brand X used a variety of social media tools, including analytics, campaign management, and post automation, to effectively execute its strategy.

Measurement and analysis of results:

Measurement and analysis of results: At the end of the campaign, Brand X analyzed the results and found that their audience had increased by 30% in a month. They also noted increased audience engagement and increased brand awareness.


Thanks to an effective social media strategy, Brand X was able to attract new followers and increase its audience by 30% in just one month. This success confirms the importance of the right approach to promotion on social networks and active interaction with the audience.

Quotes:”We were pleasantly surprised by the results of our social media campaign. A 30% increase in our audience in just one month confirms that our strategy was correct and effective.” – Anna Ivanova, Marketing Director of Brand X.


The case of Brand X demonstrates how the right social media strategy can lead to significant audience growth and strengthen the brand’s position in the online world. This experience can serve as an example for other companies looking to expand their social media presence and attract new customers.

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