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C15 A detailed analysis of a successful Facebook Ads campaign: what workedC15

Facebook Ads have become an integral part of many companies’ marketing strategies. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at a successful Facebook Ads campaign and discover what strategies and tactics worked to achieve your goals.

When faced with a challenge:

Many companies face the challenge of using social media advertising effectively. It is not always obvious which strategies will achieve the desired results, especially in the context of changing algorithms and competition.

Analysis of the current state:

Before launching the campaign, the company conducted an analysis of its current Facebook Ads situation, including the history of previous campaigns, data about the target audience and the results of previous advertising campaigns.

Strategy Development:

The company developed an advertising campaign strategy that included:

  1. Clear definition of goals: The company has defined specific goals for the campaign, such as increasing sales or increasing the number of leads.
  2. Selecting appropriate advertising formats: They selected advertising formats that best suited their goals and product type and
  3. Audience Segmentation: The company has carefully segmented the audience and created personalized ads for each segment.
  4. Budget and Schedule Optimization: They optimized the budget and ad schedule to make the most of resources.

Using the right tools:

The company used various Facebook Ads tools and features such as targeting, analytics and ad testing to optimize its campaigns and achieve maximum results.

Measurement and analysis of results:

After the campaign was completed, the company analyzed the results and identified key success metrics such as ROI, conversion rate and customer acquisition cost (CAC).


With a properly planned and executed Facebook Ads campaign, the company was able to achieve significant results, including increased sales and increased leads. They also learned useful lessons and developments for future campaigns. Notes: The article is based on the company’s real experience in running a successful Facebook Ads campaign.


Our successful Facebook Ads campaign reinforces the importance of careful planning and data analysis. We see that properly planned and executed campaigns can significantly increase our results and the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

– Irina Smirnova, Marketing Director.


A successful Facebook Ads campaign is the result of an integrated approach, careful planning and analysis of results. This case highlights the importance of using the right strategies and tools to achieve maximum marketing results.

С11 How a culinary chain increased audience engagement through Instagram Reels: Case of the Tasty Moments company

The culinary chain Tasty Moments decided to use Instagram Reels to attract the attention of its audience and increase engagement. In this case study, we will look at how this company used an SMM strategy to achieve its goals. Context: “The ‘Tasty Moments’ company approached us with a request to develop an SMM strategy aimed at increasing audience engagement through Instagram Reels.”


  1. Audience and competitor research: “We conducted an analysis of the target audience and studied the activity of competitors on Instagram Reels to identify the most effective approaches to content creation.”
  2. Developing a content plan: “Based on the research, we developed a content plan that includes a variety of video content: recipes, tips, insights on culinary trends and behind the scenes.”
  3. Create quality content: “We created high-quality and attractive content that matched the interests of the audience and reflected the unique features of the Tasty Moments brand.”
  4. Planning posts and using hashtags: “We developed an optimal posting schedule and used popular and relevant hashtags to maximize the reach of our videos.”
  5. Analysis of results and optimization of strategy: “We regularly analyzed the results of publications, tracked the level of engagement, the number of views and comments, and made adjustments to the strategy based on the data received


Thanks to our SMM strategy, the culinary chain ‘Tasty Moments’ was able to significantly increase the engagement of its audience through Instagram Reels. Attractive content and well-planned posts attracted more subscribers and increased interaction with the existing audience.


This case demonstrates the effectiveness of using Instagram Reels as part of an SMM strategy to increase audience engagement and attract new customers to the culinary network ‘Tasty Moments’.

C9 Analysis of a Successful Facebook Contest Campaign: Steps to Success

Running a competition on Facebook is a powerful tool to attract audience attention and increase engagement. Let’s look at a successful example of a Facebook competition campaign from fitness product company Fit & Fab.


  1. Defining Goals: The company’s goal was to increase brand awareness and attract new followers to the Facebook page.
  2. Selecting prizes: The prizes were branded sets of Fit & Fab products, including a water bottle, a fitness bracelet and a discount coupon for the next purchase.
  3. Developing Rules: Participants had to complete three simple steps: 1. Follow the Fit & Fab Facebook page. 2. Like and share the competition post. 3. Leave a comment under the post, indicating two friends who might also be interested in the company’s products. Step 4: Content Creation: Attractive posts were created for the campaign with images of prizes and a description of the conditions for participation. Step 5: Promotion of the competition: The company used Facebook’s advertising capabilities to spread the word about the competition, as well as partnerships with bloggers and other fitness companies. Step 6: Interaction with participants: Throughout the entire period of the competition, page administrators actively interacted with participants, answering their questions and thanking them for their participation. Step 7: Evaluation of results: As a result of the campaign, more than 1,000 new subscribers were attracted to the “Fit & Fab” Facebook page, and the level of audience engagement doubled.


Fit & Fab’s Facebook competition campaign is a successful example of how social media can be used effectively to achieve business goals. Correctly chosen prizes, clear rules and active interaction with participants allowed us to achieve a significant increase in subscribers and increased brand awareness.

C4 How graphic posts helped a logistics company increase engagement on Facebook.

Logistics company Swift Logistics was faced with the challenge of increasing their audience engagement on Facebook and decided to use image posts to achieve this goal. In this article, we’ll look at how Swift Logistics was able to increase their audience engagement using image posts.


Swift Logistics recognized the need to improve its social media strategy and use more engaging methods to capture audience attention. Our social media marketing company was hired to develop and execute the campaign.

Key points of success:

  1. Creative design: Swift Logistics has developed creative and attractive graphic posts that reflect the key points and benefits of working with the company.
  2. Visual representation of services: The company used graphical posts to visually represent their services and processes, which helped the audience to better understand their offering.
  3. Informative content: Graphic posts contained information about new services, promotions, special offers and interesting facts about logistics.
  4. Planning and regularity: Swift Logistics has developed a schedule for publishing graphic posts, ensuring that they are regularly updated and appear in the subscribers’ feed. 5. Audience Engagement: The company actively interacted with the audience by responding to comments, asking questions and conducting surveys, which stimulated audience engagement.


Through the use of image posts, Swift Logistics was able to significantly increase their audience engagement on Facebook, attract new customers and improve the perception of their brand. Creative design, informative content and active interaction with the audience were key to the success of this campaign.

C3 How local events helped a soda brand gain attention on Instagram

Soda brand Fizzy Delight was faced with the challenge of getting their products noticed on social media and decided to use local events to achieve this goal. In this article, we’ll look at how Fizzy Delight used local events to gain attention on Instagram.


“Fizzy Delight decided to use the potential of local events to increase their visibility and attract new customers on social media. Our social media promotion company was invited to develop and execute the campaign.”

Key points of success:

  1. Organizing Local Events: Fizzy Delight has organized a number of local events such as festivals, fairs and parties where the brand’s products were showcased in an informal and attractive environment.
  2. Attracting attention through Instagram: The company actively promoted events through its Instagram account using bright and attractive posts, stories and promotional posts.
  3. Interactive Elements: Fizzy Delight offered event participants interactive activities such as raffles, competitions and tastings, which stimulated engagement and content sharing on social media.
  4. Collaboration with local communities: The brand actively interacted with local communities and partners, which helped expand its reach and attract new potential customers.

Sample list of local events:

  • Festival of sodas and soft drinks
  • Party “Fizzy Delight: meeting summer”
  • Tasting stand at a local food fair
  • Competition “Find the golden can of Fizzy Delight” in the city park
  • Sponsoring a local sporting event and providing soda to participants.


“Through local events and active promotion on Instagram, the Fizzy Delight brand was able to reach a wider audience, increase its popularity and strengthen its position in the carbonated beverage market.”

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