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C14 How a small business attracted customers through TikTok: a success story

TikTok has become a powerful tool for small businesses seeking to attract new customers and increase their audience. In this article, we will look at the successful history of a small business that used TikTok to attract customers and expand its brand.
Faced with a challenge:
Small businesses often face the challenge of attracting new customers in a competitive environment. It may be difficult for them to compete with large companies with large marketing resources.
Analysis of the current state:
Before using TikTok, a small business analyzed its current situation and found out that they needed to attract new customers and increase their brand awareness.
Strategy development:
The business developed a strategy for using TikTok, which included:

  1. Creating original and engaging content that reflected the unique features and values of the brand.
  2. Using popular trends and challenges to attract the attention of the audience and increase the chances of viral distribution of content.
  3. Interact with the audience by answering comments and questions, as well as creating content that responds to the interests and requests of subscribers.
  4. Conducting advertising campaigns to expand the reach of the audience and attract new subscribers.

Using the right tools:

The business has used various TikTok tools such as filters, effects, music tracks and stickers to make its content more interesting and appealing to the audience.

Measurement and analysis of results:

After launching the TikTok campaign, the business analyzed the results and found a significant increase in the number of subscribers and an increase in the number of orders. They also noted an increase in their brand awareness and an improvement in their image in the eyes of customers.

The results obtained:

Thanks to the successful use of TikTok, a small business has managed to attract new customers, increase its audience and improve its brand. They also received additional benefits in the form of increased sales and increased customer loyalty.


“TikTok has become an incredibly powerful tool for us in attracting new customers. We are surprised by the effectiveness of this platform and glad that we decided to use it for our business.” – Alexey Petrov, the owner of a small business.


The success story of this small business confirms that TikTok can be a powerful tool for attracting customers and increasing brand awareness. This example can serve as inspiration for other small businesses looking for new ways of marketing and promotion.

C7 How CrystalClear optics used Instagram Live to present new contact lenses for people with astigmatism.

CrystalClear Optics contacted us with a request to hold a presentation of new contact lenses for people with astigmatism via the Instagram Live platform. In this case study, we look at how our social media marketing company helped CrystalClear achieve success and attract new customers


“CrystalClear Opticians had developed innovative contact lenses for people with astigmatism and were looking for an effective way to introduce them to a wider audience.

We were hired to host a product launch via Instagram Live.”

  1. Content preparation: “We worked with the CrystalClear team to develop the content for the presentation, including a brief description of the product, its benefits and instructions for use.”
  2. Create an attractive image: “We helped the optics create a compelling presentation experience, including unique designs and decorations that reflected the brand’s vision and style.”
  3. Presentation via Instagram Live: “We hosted and hosted the launch of the new contact lenses via Instagram Live, delivering high quality visuals and audio for the ultimate experience.”
  4. Interaction with the audience: “During the presentation, we actively interacted with the audience, answering questions, asking surveys and offering advice on choosing lenses.”


Through an Instagram Live presentation, CrystalClear was able to reach a wider audience and increase interest in their new contact lenses for people with astigmatism.

Review from “CrystalClear” optics:

We would like to thank the company for the work they did to present our new product via Instagram Live. Their professionalism and creative approach helped us achieve a successful result and attract new customers.

С6 Using Instagram Stories to Increase Brand Presence: Secrets of Success


The Sunshine Cosmetics brand sought to strengthen its position in the cosmetics market and attract new customers through social media. In this article, we’ll look at how using Instagram Stories helped Sunshine Cosmetics achieve success and stand out from the competition.


Sunshine Cosmetics decided to take advantage of the power of Instagram Stories to increase their visibility and engage their audience. Our social media marketing company was hired to develop and execute the campaign.

Key points of success:

  1. Creative Content: Sunshine Cosmetics has created creative and engaging stories showcasing products in action, customer reviews and the behind-the-scenes process of creating cosmetics.
  2. Interactive Elements: The brand used polls, quizzes and the Swipe Up feature to engage audiences in conversation and encourage interaction.
  3. Planning and regularity: Sunshine Cosmetics has developed a schedule for publishing stories, ensuring regular content updates and appearance in subscribers’ feeds.
  4. Product focus: The brand focused on the unique properties of its products and the benefits of use, which helped convince the audience of quality and attract new customers.
  5. Promotions and special offers: “Sunshine Cosmetics” held promotions, offered special discounts and gifts for participating in competitions through stories, which attracted attention and stimulated purchases.


Through the use of Instagram Stories, the Sunshine Cosmetics brand was able to significantly increase its visibility, improve engagement with its audience and increase sales. Creative content, interactive elements and product focus were key to the success of this campaign.

C7 U The influence of analytics: contrasting the development paths of two projects

In today’s world, data plays a key role in making strategic decisions and determining the success of projects. In this article we will look at the difference in the development of two projects: one that develops without regular analytics, and another that actively uses analytical data for its development.

  1. Project without analytics: Let’s imagine the first project that does not pay enough attention to analytics. In this case, developers and managers make decisions based on intuition or judgment, which can lead to suboptimal results and lost opportunities for improvement. Let’s look at a specific example.

Let’s say this is an online store that doesn’t track conversion metrics such as average check, bounce rate, etc. Without this data, they may miss opportunities to optimize product pages, improve the checkout process and, as a result, increase revenue. As a result, the project may encounter difficulties in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

  1. Project with regular analytics: Now let’s introduce the second project, which actively uses analytical data for its development. In this case, the team regularly monitors key project metrics and uses the information received to optimize strategy and tactics. Let’s look at how this can affect his success.

Let’s assume that this is an online platform that systematically analyzes user behavior, including time on the site, frequency of visits, page activity, etc. With this data, the team can identify problem areas, identify trends, and suggest improvements to the user experience. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, increased loyalty and increased revenue.

Quantitative indicators: For a project without analytics: Average failure rate – 60%, Average check – $50, Number of new clients per month – 100. For a project with regular analytics: Average failure rate – 40%, Average check – $70, Number of new clients per month month – 150.

Conclusion: This example illustrates the importance of using analytics in project development. Regular monitoring and analysis of data allows you to make informed decisions, optimize processes and achieve better results. In today’s world, where competition is increasingly intensifying, the use of analytical data is becoming a necessity for the successful development of projects.

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