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C13 How the use of unique content helped the theater stand out on Twitter: Case of the ArtStage theater

C12 A detailed overview of a successful strategy for using IG Shopping to sell goods: The case of the company “Brilliance Jewelry”

Brilliance Jewelry decided to take advantage of Instagram Shopping to sell its jewelry. In this case study, we’ll look at how this jewelry company used IG Shopping to increase sales and expand its audience.


Brilliance Jewelry approached us to develop a strategy for using Instagram Shopping to promote and sell their jewelry.


  1. Create a virtual product catalog: “We helped the company create a virtual product catalog on Instagram, including all available jewelry with detailed descriptions and prices.”
  2. Instagram Shopping Integration: “We’ve set up the Instagram Shopping feature so that users can easily view and purchase company jewelry directly through story posts.
  3. Create Engaging Content: “We have developed attractive and stylish content that includes colorful images of jewelry in a variety of settings and use cases.”
  4. Planning and Publishing: “We developed a content publishing plan, including regular updates and special promotions, and optimized publishing times for maximum efficiency.”
  5. Interaction with the audience: “We actively engaged with the audience, answering questions, offering advice and creating a community of passionate customers.”


Through our Instagram Shopping strategy, Brilliance Jewelry has been able to significantly increase sales of its jewelry and attract new customers from various parts of the world.


This case study confirms the effectiveness of using Instagram Shopping to promote and sell products, especially in the jewelry industry. Properly planned content, a user-friendly interface and active interaction with the audience allowed Brilliance Jewelry to achieve significant success in sales through social media.

C10 Using LinkedIn Live to attract attention to a company with B2B services: Case of the company “B2B Connect”

LinkedIn Live is a powerful tool for highlighting B2B companies. In this case study, we look at a successful LinkedIn Live campaign by B2B Connect, a B2B consulting and business development company.


B2B Connect decided to use LinkedIn Live to highlight its services and strengthen its B2B consulting expertise.


  1. Content preparation: “Before launching LinkedIn Live, our team developed a detailed content plan that included industry overviews, expert opinions, case studies of successful projects and business development tips.”
  2. Broadcast Schedule: “We determined the optimal time to broadcast based on audience activity on LinkedIn. This helped us make the most of the platform’s capabilities and attract more viewers.”
  3. Announcement of broadcasts: “Before each broadcast, we announced on our LinkedIn profiles, used newsletters and announcements to notify the audience about the upcoming event and attract more participants.”
  4. Interaction with the audience: “During the broadcasts, we actively interacted with the audience, answered questions, asked questions and stimulated discussion. This helped strengthen interaction with our target audience and attract new customers.”


By leveraging LinkedIn Live, B2B Connect was able to significantly increase its visibility on the LinkedIn platform, strengthen its B2B consulting expertise, and attract new clients.” Conclusion: “Using LinkedIn Live has proven to be an effective tool for attracting attention to B2B Connect and strengthening its position in the market. Properly planned content, active interaction with the audience and regular broadcasts have allowed us to achieve significant results in promoting the business.”

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