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B10 TOP 10 SMM trends in 2024: let’s look into the future of marketing!

The world of SMM does not stand still, it is constantly evolving, new tools, formats and trends appear.

To stay ahead of the competition and make the most of social media opportunities, you need to know what will be relevant in 2024.

So, I present to you the TOP 10 SMM trends for this year:


  • Social networks will integrate with virtual worlds, opening up new opportunities for marketing and advertising.
  • Brands will be able to create virtual stores, host events and offer unique experiences to their customers.

Augmented reality:

  • AR filters and interactive elements will be used to create more engaging content.
  • Brands will be able to present their products in a virtual space, allowing users to try them on or interact with them.

Voice interfaces:

  • Managing ads and purchases using voice commands will become more common.
  • Brands need to optimize their content for voice search and use tools that allow them to control advertising using voice.


  • Creating content tailored to the interests and needs of a specific audience remains the key to success.
  • Brands need to use tools to collect data and segment audiences.

Social commerce:

  • More and more people are making purchases directly on social networks.
  • Brands need to create user-friendly social media stores and payment tools.

Live broadcasts:

  • Live streaming remains an effective tool for audience engagement.
  • Brands can use broadcasts to showcase products, host workshops and sales.

Influencer Marketing:

  • Collaboration with opinion leaders remains an effective tool for promoting products and services.
  • Brands need to carefully select influencers and create quality content for collaboration.

Artificial Intelligence:

  • AI tools will be used to automate many tasks in SMM.
  • Using AI to optimize advertising campaigns, analyze data and create personalized content.

Video content:

  • Video remains one of the most popular content formats on social networks.
  • Brands need to create interesting and high-quality videos that will attract the attention of the audience.

Micro- and nano-influencers:

  • The audience increasingly trusts the opinions of ordinary people, so cooperation with micro- and nano-influencers is becoming increasingly relevant.
  • Brands need to choose influencers with a loyal audience that matches the brand’s target audience.


SMM will develop dynamically in 2024, offering companies new tools and opportunities to achieve their goals.

To stay ahead of the competition and make the most of social media opportunities, it is necessary to follow trends and use the most effective approaches.

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